Monday, November 3, 2014

Trial: Day 9 (3rd week)

Our "star" witnesses were on the stand today! Oh how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when those 2 doctors explained what had to have happened as well as their predictions for Devin's progress. One of the doctors has been around since the first day in the hospital and has performed 4 out of Devin's 6 skull surgeries(so obviously we love him) the other doctor works with Loma linda and is a Forensic Pediatrician who specializes in child abuse(I read this online). Honestly from what I've been told this doctor sounds fascinating and Im almost 99.9% sure I've never even met him. Ive heard and read his name countless times and I so wish I could be there to meet him and thank him for taking the time to come out to help us get justice for Devin. Devin can't speak for himself yet so we his family, friends, doctors and teachers need to stand up and and give this beautiful boy a voice.

Tomorrow(Tuesday) the trial starts with(tentatively) the forensic pediatrtion followed by Devin's general Pediatrician at 10 a.m. at Pomona courthouse (400 Civic Center Plaza #101 Pomona, CA) floor 5 department L. If anyone does want to come to the trial and watch please do not post any details on fb or any other social media site. Also while in the hallway in front of the courtroom do not talk about the case at all, this is a biggie, the jury is standing among you basically.


I am testifying again in the next two days to clarify and maybe rebuff some claims about me. Please continue your prayers for our family but more than anything else pray for peace and truth!

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