Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Trial: Day 11 (3rd week)

Well the prosecution has rested after another long day of testimony from the forensic pediatrician. They put me back on the stand for maybe 30 mins to clarify some errors that the defendants family and friends have apparently told. Thursday and Friday the defense will be putting on their experts or as I loving call them the liars for hire:) Hopefully things will start wrapping up here pretty soon, there will be court this friday but no court on Tuesday.

Tomorrow(Thursday) the trial starts at 9a.m. at Pomona courthouse (400 Civic Center Plaza #101 Pomona, CA) floor 5 department L. If anyone does want to come to the trial and watch please do not post any details on fb or any other social media site. Also while in the hallway in front of the courtroom do not talk about the case at all, this is a biggie, the jury is standing among you basically.


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