Saturday, April 20, 2013

April update

We are so sorry that we have not communicated for some time.  The good news is that Devin has successfully had  an implant in his skull without any infection for two and a half months.  This was the the third attempted surgery to correct the defect, and after infections, that caused the removal of his plates, we can now believe that he is clear of infection.
 Now that he has a covered skull, he can now begin Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. which was not avaible to him, because of liability issues.  The process to access these programs takes time, and is very frustrating, and to this point has not been provided.  Bureacracy?   
The trial of the person who caused this trauma (allegedly?) has been postponed 4 times because the defense has had a "problem" with finding someone who can refute the case against him.  We have 6 doctors testimonies;  one being a forensic Doctor that believes this was a non accidental trauma caused by the suspect. You cannot believe how frustrated we are with the process, we just want this nightmare to be over. 
We appreciate the love and concern you have shown to Devin, and your continued prayers for Devin and Katy are not just desired, but they are NEEDED. We still are on a LONG road to full recovery body and soul. Devin will need to have this plate replaced twice as he grows, his abilities are quite a bit behind where they should be and the Trial always hangs over our heads.
Dick Adams (Gampy)

Devin right before Surgery on Feb. 5th

Resting in moms arms in the recovery room

About 5 days post surgery, happy and home

About a week ago and he looks like a normal boy again (his ear is lower on his right side as well as his hairline but being his mom I am the only one who notices that)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Long day in Loma Linda

Well our official pre-op is done and the surgery is still set for February 5th. We started out our day at our neurosurgeons office and completed all the paperwork, very boring stuff. As we were leaving though, Devin took off after our doctors voice straight into his office, Dr Sadanand was blown away at how well he was walking in just the short time since we saw him last. He is has so much compassion and support for us and we could not be happier with our doctor.

After that we had to kill 2 hours until our pre anesthesia appointment. Then even after we got there we had to wait a few hours to be seen. Thank you God my mom came to help me out because we were all about to lose it. I have prayed countless prayers that Devin would walk but as so many people have told me, my job of wrangling him got 10 times harder. The most heartbreaking part of the day was watching my son scream so hard he could hardly breathe for 45 minutes straight. It took 3 tries with 3 different lab techs to take his blood. He has definitely been through a lot but this was one of the harder times for me to watch. We made it through again like we have so many times, it never gets easier though. Only 10 days left!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

He is Walking!

So we have another new advancement in Devins recovery!! He is now a walker!

About 2 weeks ago me and my mom were watching Sanjay Gupta and he was doing a piece on fish oil and how it has helped 2 different men after traumatic brain injuries. I asked our doctor if this was something we should try and he instead advised us to try coconut oil. That night I started adding a tablespoon of it with every meal and shockingly within 24 hours Devin went from walking 2 feet on his own to 20. This may like a normal advancement with age but he hasn't progressed in his walking in 6 months. Then over night he took a huge leap forward. We are so beyond blessed that we have a doctor who is not opposed to "new" or "controversial" medicine. We also thank our wonderful Lord and Savior who heals.

Lastly surgery is 2 weeks from today!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Long awaited

Sorry for the lack of information I have sent out in the last few months. I love this medium for getting out the information regarding Devin and where he is at currently, but to be honest I absolutely hate writing lol. Maybe next time I will post a video of me talking instead?

Well basically since Devin's last surgery we spent quite a bit of time at home working all of his medicines all around the clock. Daunting task and I have been told by a few nurses that this is what I should do for a living... I dont know about that. All I know is that with it being my own son its easier to do it. He has now successfully been off his meds for a month, hooray!!

On this past Friday we went to see his Neurosurgeon Dr. Sadanand, as far as he is concerned everything is looking great for another surgery. If you all remember it is an exact redo of his last surgery where they put in a synthetic peace made out of PEEK. The only, and huge difference this time is they are also consulting the infectious disease department and Devin will be on antibiotics the morning of and one week after his surgery. Hopefully this will kick any possible infection in the bud. Oh and before I forget his surgery is scheduled for FEBRUARY 5th!!

Thank you all for your love, thoughts and prayers! Its not just me and Devin affected by all of this, but it also plays a HUGE toll on my parents. The anxiety in our household is at an all time high but it has to be said that with the help of my parents we are were we are.