Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pictures and a video

Me and Devin had a wonderful week alone while my parents were away. If he wasn't a Mama's boy before this, HE definitely is now... and I am loving it. On Tuesday we stopped by the San Dimas Fire Station to see Herb again as well as meet one of the other men there as well. I was able to ask a few more questions and catch a few pictures. It was a joyous time for us all. To top it off, the public relations lady of the fire dept. was there and is going to do a story on "Baby D" with an obscured picture of him, in the fire dept. newsletter. I hope I can get a copy of that somehow.

We also had to say goodbye to my cousin Jeremiah as he was accepted a position to be an associate worship pastor at in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We are all so proud of him and excited for his new adventures (He also proposed to his wonderful girlfriend Gaby, who we LOVE). Jerry, me and Devin love you tons and are going to miss you, but take this as a promise, after Devins surgery, the trials and once he is officially only mine forever, we will come visit! Congrats and good luck!

Last and certainly not least, our family has a HUGE praise! My uncle Mike(my moms brother) started interferon at the Mayo clinic this last week and in record time his Hepatitus C went from critical to undetectable. We were praying it would help him over the course of a year but God did work and proved us wrong.... in a fantastic way! He will continue the treatments for a year anyways for continued help. Please pray for his and his family's strength during this time as it will be zapping everything out of him. For more information about his journey visit HERE!

Thank you all for everything!
Love to you all:)
Katy & Devin

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick news

Trial has been rescheduled to October 16th. Please keep us in your prayers this summer as Devin has a pending surgery, family court and the accused persons trial to attend. WE NEED JUSTICE and at this point it is out of our hands and in the Lords.

Love to you all and thank you for helping us get as far as we have!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Great week!

Hey, I just thought I would give a quick update about our great week and give a link to some of our new pictures.

This week we had the amazing opportunity given to us by Karen & Gary Joles to start Gymboree classes. They did the research and offered to fund Devin's classes! So on Sunday me and Karen took him to his first class and I think the two of us had more fun then he did... well maybe, he was pretty excited to be near other children. We put him in a class with kids a little younger and where he physically fits in more. For a split second it was hard for me but then I soon to my surprise realized he isn't all THAT far behind. Even more so I was very excited to see that emotionally and mentally he is right were he needs to be. We are so excited to get to go to classes each week and see how far he can go!

Tonight was a gift from God himself! Me and my mom went to the farmers market and walked around awhile. I saw some firefighters and took Devin over to see them... because as one of his shirts(that an amazing person sent to us) says La county firefighter in training. I had a weird feeling that I should ask if any one of them had been there the night that Devin was injured. The first guy I asked directed me over to another man Herb Johnson and asked him. To my astonishment he was one of the men called to the scene, helped in saving the life of my son, and was also questioned by the authorities. We had a special moment of eyes watering, hugging and catching him up to where Devin is now. Last he had heard was that they thought Devin wouldn't make it. We ended up talking for an hour as he described to me what was done and what he encountered that night. He told me that more often then not they never hear of the outcome in situations like this and he was so excited to see how well Devin was doing, and it was the best Birthday gift he could have gotten. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HERB! We love you and thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for being there for our little boy and saving his life.

Without the men and women of the San Dimas Fire Station, Paramedics, Doctors and nurses at Pomona Valley Hospital and Loma Linda Hospital, I can honestly say without each and everyone of you that my son would not be the happy boy he is today!

Lastly on a lighter note I promised pictures and you can find them HERE! They were taken by Theresia Villanueva a truely amazing photographer, woman and friend....she has taken all the professional pictures of Devin since he was born and you can find her website here HERE!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Friends and family of Devin

 Hey all, sorry it has been quite awhile since i have posted, i have never enjoyed writing and sometimes i dread trying to express myself in this medium. So much has happened since the last time i posted so i figured now is the time to let you all know how amazing he is progressing.

 First of all i want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who participated in any way with his Birthday party. We had an absolute blast! I want to send out an extra thanks to Diane Forester for helping us put the whole party together with food and decorations, as well as my parents and the Joles for all they did as well. We had over 150 people show up and i was so blessed and a little overwhelmed to see so many people who have been praying and thinking about our little boy. All of you who keep care for him have a special place in our hearts. We received so many gifts that we still haven't even opened them all yet as to prolong the celebration.

 Devin eating his cake:)

 This is Ron, and his family owned the Foster home Devin lived in for 2 months. it was fantastic seeing him again and this time under better circumstances.

 The day after his Birthday party we celebrated Devin's dedication at our church Neighborhood Christian Fellowship in a way that was very unique to Devin. Our Pastor Dave Johnson had us along with my parents join him on stage to have a little Q & A about what we have been through as well as a prayer over his continued healing before he was dedicated. We were also blessed enough to have my best friend and Devin's Godmother Kaitlyn Joles there to be apart of the service and to present DEvin with his very first real bible. It was a day of joyful tears to say the least.

In the month since then we have have been working on getting him to walk(which he is getting close), going to more Dr.'s appointments(no surgery is scheduled yet)and waiting patiently for his attackers trial to start and therefore be over so we can move on with our lives having some peace. It was scheduled for the end of this month but is most likely being postponed till August maybe September.

 Lastly as some of you may know we have had an amazing nurse Velma working with Devin on a daily basis have really come to accept her as family. unfortunately this last friday was her last day and i want to take a second and really thank her for all she has done not only for Devin but for my whole family as well. She always went over and above what i expected from her and even prayed with him before his meals. On top of that she was also my daily therapist and always had open ears when i needed to talk or vent. Thank you again Velma, we love you dearly! As a special treat i am posting below a recent video of Devin walking between me and my mother:)

 Love to you all!