Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A rather long update on what we have been up to lately including pictures!

Good afternoon friends and family!  Things have been going pretty well for us over the last few months and so I wanted to take this time to update all of you who have followed us but that we don't talk to regularly to let you know what we have been up too. As well as have a chance to show some of our most recent pictures that my brother took of us on thanksgiving(they will be at the bottom of this post).

Devin has been thriving! He continually surprises us at his progress and how far he has come. Up until about 2 months ago he didn't know his own name now he proudly tells everyone we meet that he is Devin Adams. Actually he is kind of obsessed with our last name Adams and calls me Mama Adams and my parents Nannie Adams and Papa Adams lol. Its even gone so far as Mickey Mouse is Mickey Mouse Adams and Thomas the train is Thomas Adams. He has the best sense of humor and always has us laughing. In fact a few days ago I was focusing on reading an email and he called my name and I didn't respond fast enough so he then yelled Kitty Adams at me to get my attention, he can't differentiate between the name Katy and Kitty but even just knowing what my first name is huge step forward. He loves school and the only negative thing I've ever been told by his teachers is he is a little too affectionate sometimes but even with that he is starting to understand social cues and when things are or aren't appropriate.

HE did of course come down with this "plague" that is going around that just happened to start the first day of Christmas break and when I took him to our pediatrician we found out it was a double ear infection and tonsillitis. After finishing all 10 days of his antibiotics he still wasn't doing any better so I took him to the ER out in Loma Linda to really get him checked out (considering everything he has been through and the fact that he can't tell us if something hurts I figured that was our best option even if I am that mom who takes there kid to the ER with a cold :/ ) He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection which is another name for the flu and we were sent home to rest and get better on his own. At least I knew it wasn't anything worse but we basically didn't leave the house for almost four weeks straight. This is his second week back at school and both of us are happy he could return finally, he seriously loves school.

For Christmas this year we were beyond blessed by some awesome people from Southern California Edison who had been following our blog through the trial and wanted to adopt our family for Christmas and surprise Devin with some presents. After a little polite nudging from Lori Young who organized it all I accepted, I was hesitant at first because there are so many people out there that deserve these things more then us but Lori was so sweet and helped me to just be accepting and excited for Devin. We had a awesome dinner and christmas party with everyone involved and devin had so much fun playing with a few of the kids there including a cute teenage girl that he fell in love with and wanted to go home with. I helped Devin open his gifts of clothes, book and toys, and then a gift basket of gift certificates to pamper myself with (I'm actually getting my massage today)! Then came a huge surprise of two disneyland annual passes for me and Devin and I almost died! As most of you who follow this blog know that Disneyland is very special to us and was were we spent Devin's first birthday before he was injured that night. We are planning to finally put them to good use tomorrow and spend the day there now that Devin is finally over the "plague". I am so looking forward to it and thank you so much SCE evolves for making our Christmas so very special! We also received an anonymous card on our doorstep the day before Christmas with cash in it signed the A-group, so thank you so much A-Group whomever you are! I put it aside and bought a disney gift card with it so not having cash won't keep us from visiting disneyland this year.

This friday we have our yearly neurosurgeon appointment with our amazing Dr. Sadanand out in Loma Linda, and I will try to write a quick update after to let you all know how it went.

Lastly as some of you know the sentencing in the case was postponed two months and the new date is Febuary 18th… definitely not looking forward to seeing that mans face again but I do get the opportunity to get up before the judge and do a victim impact statement and describe to the judge how this has affected both Devin and my family as a whole. I'm hoping this will help me get a little closure with everything that has happened but honestly I don't think closure really exists. I can't imagine ever not being upset and angry over what happened.

Well on to a happier note, here are the pictures I promised:)

Devin and his two cousins Paige and Chloe.

Love to you all!
Katy & Devin