Friday, July 18, 2014

I thought this would be it.

I just got word from the district attorney that the trial was postponed till September 11th. I am so beyond frustrated and angered by the constantly shifting dates. We are the victims of a horrendous crime and yet we are not considered in the least. This September 27th will be Devin's 4th birthday as well as the 3rd anniversary of the day our lives turned upside down. Please keep our family in your prayers as well as the Detective, District Attorney, Judge and future Jury. All we want is justice for Devin and for his attacker (biological father) to face up to what he did. We have tried to remain so upbeat on this blog, but today I am nowhere near upbeat:(


Saturday, July 12, 2014


    I know everyone is as eager as we are for this whole ordeal to be over. We are finally seeing some end in sight....woohoo! After 2 years and 10 months of postponements to the trial the Judge only gave them a one week delay and a new trial date of July 17th. Of course since that is a Thursday i'm thinking that the actual trial will get started the following week since it takes a while for the jury to be picked.
    This blog will be the place to keep updated about the goings on throughout the trial. Unfortunately since my parents and I are subpoenaed to testify we can only be in the court room when we are on the stand. So we will have some family members as well as friends who will be there taking notes on what happens each day. When we know more information about the exact days, time and court room we will let you know so if you would like to attend and support our family you can.

    Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers as we continue to find justice for Devin.