Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trial: Day 17 (4th Week) Closing statements

Wow I'm a little speechless. These last 4 weeks have been grueling to say the least but there is finally an end in sight. Friday was the closing arguments and the way it goes is the prosecution starts then the defense gets their chance and finally the prosecution gets to go again and have the final word. I think I can speak for everyone in attendance (at least on our side) and say that we experienced every emotion in the book. We giggled and rolled ours eyes at the way they tried to twist our words we got angry at him at times as well as angry at the defendant for doing this to our miracle boy. We cried with sadness over what Devin had to endure (and continues to endure) as well as cry with joy when the D.A. brought it home when she ended strongly.

As much happiness we have that this step is done, we ask for prayer once again for the jury.  They were overwhelmed this month with so much information and I just plead with God that they can see the truth in all of it. They hold the future of my sons life and safety in their hands. I just keep hoping they fully understand the enormity of the job they have and take it very seriously and consider everything. I also pray that after this is all over completely that they are able to move on and not be affected negatively in their on lives by what they have seen and heard.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for going through this with us, whether it was physically being in the court room or just keeping my family in your prayers. God has been glorified through this horrendous act and we will keep on glorifying him for his continued work in our lives. As the D.A. said yesterday this boy's life was circling the drain and I believe that Devin is only still with us by the grace of our holy God above.

Katy Adams

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